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ChatGPT Trainings For Businesses & Organizations

I enjoy coaching and teaching. I find it’s a great way to build connections with people, businesses, and organizations looking to improve processes, goals, and revenue results.

I cater presentations to businesses, membership organizations, and events.

Each is customized to your specific goals and needs.

Three scenarios that would be right for your needs:

  • If you are contemplating how to best introduce ChatGPT to your team, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their daily tasks and enhances their work,
  • If you are looking to provide an insightful, educational experience to the members of your organization,
  • If you are seeing a speaker for your event that can engage the audience with relevant, practical, thought-provoking tactics.

Let’s talk!

Please reach out and connect with me and let’s discuss how to create an event that adds value and gets those idea treadmills spinning.

WORKSHOP: ChatGPT For Sales and Marketing

Elevate your sales and marketing game with ChatGPT. Learn to apply ChatGPT for tangible improvements in efficiency and effectiveness at our focused workshop.

Join Cary Weston, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sutherland Weston and host of The ChatGPT Experience podcast, for an interactive, hands-on workshop designed to help you use ChatGPT to redefine your approach to sales and marketing. Whether you aim to enhance your web presence, engage more effectively on social media, or streamline your sales documentation, this workshop is your gateway to mastering ChatGPT for tangible business growth.

What You Will Learn:

  • Web Copy and SEO Enhancement: Discover how to refine your website’s copy with ChatGPT for improved SEO performance and user engagement, ensuring your products and services stand out online.
  • Compelling Email and Social Media Posts: Gain insights into crafting captivating email campaigns and social media content with ChatGPT, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Efficient Call Transcription for Note-Taking: Learn how to leverage ChatGPT for transcribing sales calls, making note-taking effortless and ensuring you never miss a critical detail again.
  • Proposal and Document Automation: Explore innovative ways to use ChatGPT to generate proposals and replicate essential documents, saving time while maintaining high-quality, personalized communication.
  • Menu and Product Descriptions: Master the art of creating enticing menu items and product descriptions with ChatGPT, enhancing the appeal of your offerings and enticing customers.
  • Dynamic Marketing Material Development and Buyer Persona Modeling: Uncover how ChatGPT can assist not only in developing a wide range of marketing materials, from brochures to digital ads but also in modeling buyer personas to tailor the messaging that matters most to them. Ensure your brand’s message is consistent, compelling, and finely tuned to your audience’s preferences and needs.

This workshop is designed for those with a basic understanding of ChatGPT, aiming to fully harness its capabilities in their sales and marketing efforts. By the end of our session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to apply ChatGPT creatively and effectively, ensuring your sales and marketing strategies not only keep pace with the digital age but also set new standards of excellence.

WORKSHOP: ChatGPT for HR and Recruiting

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining the right talent requires innovative strategies and tools.

Join us for a transformative workshop where Cary Weston, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sutherland Weston and host of The ChatGPT Experience podcast, reveals how ChatGPT can revolutionize your HR practices. From crafting compelling job descriptions to streamlining onboarding and training, this hands-on session is designed to enhance your recruitment process and candidate engagement through the power of ChatGPT.

What You Will Learn:

  • Applicant-Centric Job Descriptions: Uncover the importance of tailoring job descriptions to meet applicants’ desires and pain points, making your listings stand out in a sea of standard postings.
  • Onboarding and Training Efficiency: Explore how ChatGPT can simplify and enrich the onboarding and training process, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for new hires.
  • Candidate Support and Filtering: Discover strategies for using ChatGPT to provide timely support and efficiently filter candidates, ensuring you spend time with the most promising applicants.
  • Enhancing Job Listings for Better Talent Acquisition: Learn how ChatGPT can help you analyze and improve job descriptions, making them more appealing and effective at attracting the right talent.
  • Revolutionizing Job Listings: Delve into the capabilities of ChatGPT to transform your job listings into compelling narratives that resonate with potential candidates, attracting better-fit talent.

This workshop is perfect for HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers looking to leverage ChatGPT to refine their recruitment processes, improve candidate experience, and ultimately attract and retain top talent. With Cary Weston’s expert guidance, you’ll leave equipped with the knowledge and tools to apply ChatGPT in innovative ways, setting new standards for excellence in recruitment.

WORKSHOP: Teaching ChatGPT To Write Like You

Facing challenges with ChatGPT mirroring your unique writing style or brand voice? You’re not alone.

This practical workshop, led by Cary Weston, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sutherland Weston and host of the ChatGPT Experience podcast, targets the core of these concerns. Designed for content creators, marketers, and writers seeking to closely align AI-generated content with their personal or brand identity, this session provides actionable strategies to effectively train ChatGPT in replicating your distinctive style, tone, and voice, ensuring your content remains authentic and engaging.

What You Will Learn:

  • Framework for Replicating Your Writing Style: Discover a systematic approach to define and communicate your unique voice, tone, and style to ChatGPT, ensuring the AI-generated content matches your personal or brand identity.
  • Audience Understanding and Engagement: Learn the significance of deeply understanding your audience and how to guide ChatGPT in creating content that resonates, engages, and effectively reaches your target readers.
  • Efficiency in Content Creation: Explore how ChatGPT can serve as a powerful ally in your content creation process, helping you save time while preserving the authenticity and quality of your writing.
  • Crafting Effective Prompts for ChatGPT: Gain expertise in prompt engineering to achieve precise outcomes from ChatGPT, with tips on crafting prompts that clearly convey your content requirements and expectations.

Join us for this hands-on workshop to address the most requested and discussed topic around ChatGPT—making it write like you. With Cary Weston’s expert guidance, you’ll conquer many’s primary complaints with ChatGPT, leaving with the skills to create content that stands out for its authenticity and aligns perfectly with your writing style.

Thank You!

“We all thought you did a fantastic job and that the audience really found it valuable.

I appreciate you changing up our format a bit and allowing people to jump in and use some real-life examples. “

Bailey Underhill
Director of Marketing at Maine Tourism Association

Practical and Tactical Without The Fluff

“Your Chat GPT training has been practical and tactical without a lot of fluff… I never feel like I’m wasting my time in our meetings (unlike other coaching experiences). You take my real needs head-on and give me actionable steps to solve those problems quickly while still keeping my tone of voice.”

Adrienne Huss
Content Manager, Baron Payroll

Cary Has Been A Calming Influence

“Cary’s coaching is always practical and influenced by real-world scenarios. His approach to Chat GPT is no different. His use of screen share demos and practicing has helped me get value out of the technology without frustration. In a world of a lot of AI noise, Cary has been a calming influence for me.”

Michael Camara
Chief Brand Officer, Smith & Warren

Corporate Workshops and Training

Cary’s Expertise Put Learners At Ease

“The use of AI, especially ChatGPT, is something of interest to a number of our members.  But there’s a level of intimidation in getting started and whether it’s a reliable platform.  Cary designed an interactive presentation structured with real, practical examples for our audience, taking the time to answer every question asked.  He took a concept that was new for many and made it completely approachable and applicable, considering the audience’s varied professions, roles, and backgrounds.

While the presentation was tailored for beginners, it was also relevant and engaging for novice users.  The most valuable takeaway for me was the array of resources Cary provided.  The articles, podcasts, and workshops on The ChatGPT Experiment give straightforward prompts that immediately generate better output.  I’ll be recommending My Recommendations for Starting Out with ChatGPT and How to Use Custom Instructions in ChatGPT to all my peers. 

Cary’s expertise, natural teaching style, honest answers, and practical, applicable examples put learners at ease.  I look forward to working on more projects with Cary and his team in the future.”

Heather Douglas
Director of Workforce Marketing & Communications
Maine Community College System