About The Author

Cary Weston

As a freshman in college, the first paper I turned in came back with a big ol’ ‘F’ on it. The reason? I hand-wrote it. I was supposed to use a computer. Here’s the thing – I didn’t know how to.

That day sparked what would become a lifelong habit of learning by self-discovery and curiosity.

Fail fast/fail cheap it’s been referred to.

The way I see it, there’s no failing – there’s just something new to be learned.

Vital Stats:

Curiosity Level – HIGH
Favorite Food – Steak & Potatoes
Favorite Sport – Hard to beat baseball
Favorite Saying – “What’s The Goal?”

What I Do

I help organizations solve sales and marketing problems with practical and tactical advice, recommendations, and strategy.

The key areas I focus on are:

  • Clarity: Simplifying Messaging For Impact & Action
  • Consistency: Creating Efficiency And Value in Systems & Processes
  • Reliability: Scaling Experience For Education, Information & Inspiration

Professional Overview

Cary is a seasoned marketing professional and partner in the Bangor, Maine-based advertising and marketing firm Sutherland Weston.

He is a certified “They Ask You Answer” coach – a sales and marketing framework developed by Marcus Sheridan designed to help companies stand out as the voice of authority in their industry and drive measurable sales results.

His specialties lie in developing practical and tactical strategies to help businesses overcome sales and marketing challenges.

Personal Overview

Cary is your go-to guy for cutting through the noise of trendy business lingo and getting straight to the heart of what really matters. He’s a big believer in function over form, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a good creative spark. His main focus? Making sure that creativity serves a purpose and that every project is results-oriented.

Cary’s honesty is refreshing, even if it’s a bit blunt at times. He’s an advocate for bringing back some good old-fashioned values into our fast-paced, flashy world. He still believes a handshake and a promise is worth more than a signed piece of paper.

When he’s not busy demystifying business strategies, Cary dedicates his time to his community. You’ll often find him involved in local activities, whether he’s serving on community boards or coaching Little League and basketball.

His passion for community involvement led him to be a founding member and the first Chair of Fusion: Bangor, an initiative that encourages young professionals to engage actively in their communities. Cary’s commitment to public service extends to his role as a multi-term city councilor, and he’s even served as the Mayor of his beloved hometown, Bangor. He’s the brain behind the Mayor’s Coalition in Maine, too.

Cary’s love for the outdoors is evident. In summer, he’s all about spending time at camp and come winter, he’s bravely navigating ski slopes, trying to keep pace with his kids (and steer clear of trees!).

But Cary’s talents don’t stop there. He’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades – a juggler, a winemaker, and can even recite the alphabet backward. He has a special place in his heart for A1 sauce (he thinks it’s a national treasure), is known to swing a baseball bat during office calls, and has even snagged a trophy in a stand-up comedy competition.

Above all, Cary treasures his role as a husband and father. He’s grateful every day to be married to his wonderful wife, Tori, and to be a dad to their three amazing children, Maddie, Serena, and Spencer. Their happy, healthy family is what truly makes his world go round, and they enjoy their life together in Bangor, Maine.