Episode 33: Ad Agency Life & ChatGPT- With Drew McLellan, CEO, Agency Management Institute

About The Episode

In this episode of “The ChatGPT Experiment,” Cary Weston sits down with Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute, to discuss the crucial role of AI in the advertising industry. Recorded in the vibrant French Quarter of New Orleans, this conversation delves into how agencies can embrace AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance their operations, compete effectively, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large agency, this episode offers valuable insights on integrating AI to boost efficiency and innovation.

Main Topics Covered

  • The impact of AI on the advertising industry.
  • Approaching AI with a mindset of abundance vs. scarcity.
  • Practical examples of AI applications in small and large agencies.
  • The importance of experimentation and curiosity with AI tools.

Key Insights

  1. AI as an Equalizer: Smaller agencies can leverage AI to level the playing field with larger competitors by improving efficiency and expanding capabilities.
  2. Mindset Matters: Agencies that adopt an abundance mindset view AI as an opportunity for growth and innovation, while those with a scarcity mindset may fall behind.
  3. Experimentation is Key: The current stage of AI development is about exploring possibilities and experimenting with tools like ChatGPT to discover new ways to solve problems and enhance business operations.

Episode Index

  • [00:00:00] Introduction: Cary introduces the episode and guest, Drew McClellan.
  • [00:00:23] Conversation Start: Discussing the importance of integrating AI in agency toolsets.
  • [00:02:00] AI in the Creative Industry: How AI is changing the business side of creative agencies.
  • [00:03:00] Meeting Drew McClellan: Background on Drew and the Agency Management Institute.
  • [00:05:00] Benefits of AMI Membership: Personal testimonials and the value of finding a business tribe.
  • [00:08:15] AI as a Threat or Opportunity: Differing perspectives on AI within the industry.
  • [00:12:00] Specific AI Applications: Examples of how small and large agencies are using ChatGPT.
  • [00:20:00] Experimenting with AI: Encouraging businesses to explore and play with AI tools.
  • [00:25:00] Practical Use Cases: Real-world applications of ChatGPT for hiring and difficult conversations.
  • [00:36:00] Expanding Possibilities with AI: Final thoughts on the importance of curiosity and experimentation.

About Drew McLellan

Drew is the CEO and co-owner of Agency Management Institute, which serves advertising, marketing, PR, and media buying agencies worldwide. He helps agencies run their businesses more effectively by providing tools, resources, and support. Drew is recognized as one of the top voices in marketing and branding and has been featured in major publications like Entrepreneur, New York Times, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.

Connect With Drew: