Episode 32: Look At It This Way: Blind Curiosity & Capability with Author, Artist, & Songwriter Sammy Sweetspirit

About This Episode

In this episode of the Chat GPT Experiment Podcast, host Cary Weston engages with Sammy SweetSpirit, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and author who utilizes ChatGPT to enhance her creative and everyday activities despite her visual impairment.

The conversation offers an enlightening perspective on the versatile uses of AI tools like ChatGPT in personal and professional realms, particularly for individuals with disabilities.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Personal Background and Challenges: Sammy shares her life story, emphasizing her early birth and subsequent blindness.
  • Utilization of ChatGPT and Other Technologies: Insights into how Sammy uses ChatGPT and the “Be My Eyes” app to navigate and create more effectively.
  • Impact of AI on Life and Work: Discussion on how AI technologies have transformed Sammy’s approach to music and writing.
  • Perceptions and Misconceptions of Blindness: Sammy addresses common stereotypes and provides education on the capabilities of visually impaired individuals.

Key Insights:

  1. Adaptive Use of Technology: Sammy illustrates how she adapts various technologies, including ChatGPT, to overcome the challenges posed by her blindness, turning potential obstacles into tools for creative and practical solutions.
  2. Educational Perspective on Blindness: Through her personal experiences, Sammy educates listeners on the reality of living as a blind individual, challenging common misconceptions and highlighting the normalcy and potential of lives lived differently.
  3. AI as an Empowering Tool: The discussion reinforces the idea of AI as a significant empowering tool that can transcend traditional limitations, providing new ways for individuals with disabilities to engage with the world and express themselves creatively.

Episode Index:

  • [00:04:00] Introduction of Sammy Sweet Spirit as a guest.
  • [00:06:10] Sammy shares her origin story of being born prematurely.
  • [00:12:10] Discussion about using Chat GPT and Be My Eyes for visual assistance.
  • [00:18:20] Sammy discusses using Chat GPT as a Google alternative for quick information.
  • [00:22:50] How Chat GPT provides personalized assistance recognizing Sammy’s blindness.
  • [00:25:10] Sammy explains how she uses Chat GPT to assist with her writing and editing.
  • [00:27:20] Discussion on the misconception of AI replacing human capabilities.
  • [00:30:00] Sammy shares the mission and message of her book.
  • [00:34:10] Sammy discusses the importance of conversation and understanding different perspectives.
  • [00:37:30] Closing remarks and promotion of Sammy’s book and music.

About Sammy SweetSpirit

Cover art for 'Sammy SweetSpirit' album titled 'Something For Everyone.' The background has a soft, warm yellow gradient blending into light green, giving a serene outdoor atmosphere. At the top, centered, is the text 'Sammy SweetSpirit' in dark, elegant, cursive font, followed by 'Something For Everyone' in smaller, black, uppercase letters.

The main subject, Sammy SweetSpirit, is positioned in the center of the image. She is smiling brightly, wearing large, round black sunglasses adorned with decorative floral designs at the corners. Her light brown hair falls naturally over her shoulders. The background features a blurred landscape of green hills and a wooden fence, with a sandy area in the foreground, suggesting a coastal or countryside setting. The overall feel of the image is warm and inviting, emphasizing a connection to nature and a sense of joy and openness.

Sammy SweetSpirit is an artist and author who, despite being blind, has developed unique methods to utilize technology for personal and professional growth.

Her work, including music and literature, focuses on bridging the gap between different life experiences and fostering understanding and connection.

Connect with Sammy here: https://www.sammysweetspirit.com.


I used ChatGPT to create the Alt Text for Sammy’s photo above as well as for the post I made on LinkedIn to promote the episode. Sharing the prompt below to help you get descriptive Alt tags as well.:

Create a detailed alt tag for an image, specifically designed for blind individuals. Include the following elements:

  1. Overall description: Briefly summarize what the image is about.
  2. Background colors and textures: Describe the main colors and any patterns or textures in the background.
  3. Text details: Mention all the text in the image, including its color, style, and positioning.
  4. Logos and icons: Describe any logos, icons, or symbols, including their design and placement.
  5. Main subjects: Describe the people, objects, or main subjects in the image, including their appearance, expressions, clothing, and any notable accessories.
  6. Context: Provide any relevant context that helps explain the image’s purpose or setting.

This description should provide enough detail to give a blind individual a clear understanding of the visual content.”

Example Alt Tag:

“Podcast cover art for ‘The ChatGPT Experiment’ Episode 32 titled ‘Look At It This Way: Blind Curiosity & Capability with Sammy Sweetspirit.’ The background is a vibrant yellow with black and white text. At the top, there’s a black circular logo with a vintage microphone illustration and the podcast name. Below the title, there’s a description in black text: ‘A multi-talented singer, songwriter, and author who utilizes ChatGPT to enhance her creative and everyday activities despite her visual impairment.’ On the bottom half of the image, there’s a black section with the website ‘ChatGPTExperiment.com’ in white text and the tagline ‘Turning your curiosity into capability!’ On the right side, there’s a circular photo of Sammy Sweetspirit. She is smiling, wearing dark, oversized sunglasses with floral decorations, and has light brown hair. The background of her photo shows a blurry, green outdoor setting.”