Episode 27: The Learning Mindset & ChatGPT With Hannah Eisenberg, CEO OF 3P Creative

About This Episode:

In this episode of “The ChatGPT Experiment,” host Cary Weston invites guest Hannah Eisenberg, CEO of 3P Creative Group, to dive into the transformative power of ChatGPT for businesses. Hannah shares her journey from initial skepticism to integrating ChatGPT into her daily workflow, emphasizing its role as a problem-solving partner rather than a direct solution provider. This episode is packed with practical insights on leveraging ChatGPT for efficiency, brainstorming, and even role-playing in sales training. Listeners will learn how to approach ChatGPT with curiosity, embrace its potential for error as part of the learning process, and apply it to eliminate busy work, freeing up time for deeper thinking and learning.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and its potential for businesses
  • Using ChatGPT for brainstorming and idea generation
  • Role-playing with ChatGPT for sales training
  • Efficiency gains and freeing up time for deep thinking

Key Insights/Takeaways:

  1. ChatGPT can significantly streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic thinking and learning.
  2. It serves as a brainstorming partner, offering new perspectives and ideas for content creation.
  3. Role-playing with ChatGPT can enhance sales training by simulating real-life scenarios and objections.

Episode Index:

  • [00:00:00] Opening and introduction to ChatGPT’s potential
  • [00:01:29] ChatGPT tip of the week: perspectives for problem-solving
  • [00:07:20] Introduction of guest Hannah Eisenberg and her journey with ChatGPT
  • [00:12:00] Hannah’s transition from skepticism to daily use of ChatGPT
  • [00:19:00] Exploring new applications of ChatGPT in business
  • [00:27:00] Advice for integrating ChatGPT into daily workflows
  • [00:43:20] Conclusion and insights on embracing ChatGPT

About Hannah Eisenberg:

Hannah Eisenberg is the CEO of 3P Creative Group, a forward-thinking marketing agency that specializes in helping construction and tech companies become voices of trust within their industries. With over a decade of experience in inbound marketing, website design, and content strategy, Hannah has transitioned from hands-on project execution to empowering businesses through coaching and consulting. As a certified “They Ask, You Answer” coach, she combines her vast marketing knowledge with a dedication to teaching businesses how to build trust and obsess over their customers.

Connect with Hannah and explore how 3P Creative Group can transform your business’s approach to marketing and customer engagement:

About The Author:

Cary is a seasoned marketing professional and partner in the Bangor, Maine-based advertising and marketing firm Sutherland Weston. He is a certified “They Ask You Answer” coach – a sales and marketing framework developed by Marcus Sheridan designed to help companies stand out as the voice of authority in their industry and drive measurable sales results. His specialties lie in developing practical and tactical strategies to help businesses overcome sales and marketing challenges. Cary is available for coaching, consulting, and strategy engagement with businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Connect with Cary:

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