Episode 25: Humanizing AI in Business: Building Trust and Enhancing Productivity with Marcus Sheridan, “They Ask You Answer” Author

About This Episode

In this episode of ‘The ChatGPT Experiment,’ host Cary Weston welcomes guest Marcus Sheridan. As technology reshapes the landscape of communication and customer interaction, this episode explores the profound impact of embracing AI tools like ChatGPT. Aimed at demystifying AI for the curious and cautious alike, Cary and Marcus engage in a rich discussion on leveraging technology to build trust, enhance productivity, and maintain the human touch in digital interactions.

Main Topics Covered

  • The role of AI in changing business and marketing landscapes.
  • Simplifying technology to build trust and connection with audiences.
  • Strategies for using ChatGPT to create content that resonates.
  • The importance of maintaining a human touch in the era of automation.
  • Future trends in AI and potential impacts on job markets and productivity.

Key Insights/Takeaways

  1. AI, particularly ChatGPT, can be a powerful ally in content creation, enabling businesses to produce more relevant and engaging material efficiently.
  2. Keeping communication human-centric, despite the automation AI offers, strengthens customer relationships and brand loyalty.
  3. The evolution of technology, including AI, is inevitable and presents an opportunity for those willing to experiment and adapt, rather than a threat to be feared.

Episode Index

  • [00:00:32] Introduction to AI’s role in modern business with Marcus Sheridan
  • [00:03:39] How simplicity in communication builds trust
  • [00:10:21] The synergy between AI and maintaining personal touch in business
  • [00:17:08] Addressing common concerns and the future of AI in business
  • [00:24:04] Leveraging AI for productivity and creativity in content creation
  • [00:30:30] Parenting advice in the age of AI and fostering a love for learning
  • [00:38:17] Practical tips for using ChatGPT to enhance human connection in content

About Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is a celebrated entrepreneur, author, and speaker known for his innovative approach to marketing and sales.

His book, “They Ask, You Answer,” has been recognized as one of the top marketing books of all time, offering a blueprint for businesses to thrive by genuinely addressing customer queries.

Marcus’s journey from a struggling business owner to leading a successful digital marketing revolution exemplifies the power of creative problem-solving and embracing new technologies.

Connect with Marcus:

About Cary Weston

Cary is a seasoned marketing professional and partner in the Bangor, Maine-based advertising and marketing firm Sutherland Weston. He is a certified “They Ask You Answer” coach – a sales and marketing framework developed by Marcus Sheridan designed to help companies stand out as the voice of authority in their industry and drive measurable sales results. His specialties lie in developing practical and tactical strategies to help businesses overcome sales and marketing challenges. Cary is available for coaching, consulting, and strategy engagement with businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Connect with Cary:

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